Divine, Carpets

Company Profile

The seeds of the modern ecosystem of home furnishings and home decor in India were sown by a handful of enterprising visionaries with life-changing insights. One individual stood tall and even today is striving relentlessly to make India's pioneering brand into a global standard on merit, integrity, and excellence. Mr. Subhash Khandelwal founded DIVINE in 1984 with the profound objective to create an interactive platform for Indian consumers to fully understand the nuances of ever-changing lifestyle trends and to learn the art of graduating from furnishing requirements to décor compliments.

Over the last 35 years, Divine has created a more than credible niche for its products, services advantages, and deliverables for the growth of B2B fraternity by providing consumer-friendly ideas, solutions, and possibilities. The well-oiled network of distributors and dealers, synchronized by the biggest hands-on showcase and warehousing strengths of magnum magnitude defines the DIVINE legacy as a business conglomerate in the making. The widest range of home decor fabrics, the most innovative platter of customized Wall to Wall carpets, and the vivid bouquet of Carpet Tiles simply elevate DIVINE as the preferred partner. Obsession with world-class quality, the finest trove of Vegan Leather, and Rugs further cement DIVINE’s status as a true market leader.

The very potent product roster of DIVINE has clearly established the supremacy, the trust, the loyalty, and the advantage of being the preferred one. These are not just words, they are humble expressions of honest product excellence.


Wall to Wall Carpets is easily one of DIVINE's strongest asset as it offers simply unparalleled possibilities. Now this asset is stronger than anyone as now it can customize anything under the aegis of Axminster, Wilton, and Printed umbrellas. The industry is already taking more than just notice of DIVINE's new offerings in the three globally accepted domains Wall to Wall Carpets. The Axminster and Wilton platters are winning the hearts of the architect and the hospitality industry. The fascinating world of printed carpets has one of the premium chains of multiplexes in love with DIVINE's repertoire of blockbusters.


The word amazing used here is not just a superlative, it is the reflection of the impact surprising range of DIVINE's Carpet Tiles has made on the industry as well as the corporates alike. One look at the catalogues and the samples attached takes you to a different world altogether. The think tank and the product teams at DIVINE are truly committed and determined to shatter all myths related to carpet tiles and their efforts are becoming inspiring testimonials worth their weight in gold. The enriching quality of every design, every collection is proudly knocking residential doors and winning hearts with professional finesse and housewarming compassion.