Divine Global Carpet Tiles-Midland in Gurgaon sets new standards for quality & design. Carpet Tiles-Midland combines flexibility and environmental values with creative and playful shapes in different materials and colours. With it’s small size, Carpet Tiles-Midland are considerably easier to lift, move and install and  can readily be replaced individually rather than replacing an entire floor today. Divine Global Carpet Tiles-Midland and offer all the warmth, comfort, acoustic qualities and health and safety benefits.

Divine Global Carpet Tiles-Midland, Wall to Wall Carpets, Fabrics, Leatherettes
Divine Global Carpet Tiles-Midland 745-1, Wall to Wall Carpets, Leatherettes, Fabrics


Divine Global Carpet Tiles-Midland 745-1, Wall to Wall Carpets 748-1, Wall to Wall Carpets, Leatherettes, Fabrics


Divine Global Carpet Tiles-Midland 755-1, Wall to Wall Carpets, Leatherettes, Fabrics


Divine Global Carpet Tiles-Midland 775-1, Wall to Wall Carpets, Leatherettes, Fabrics


                                      TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION

    • Construction:                                     VARIABLE LOOP OVER CUT
    • Pile Fiber Composition:                 100% Olefin
    • Yarn Type(mm):                               BCF
    • Dye Method:                                       Solution Dyed
    • Pile Weight:                                        785g/m2 
    • Total Weight:                                     4685 g/m2 
    • Pile Height:                                         3.00 mm 
    • Total Height:                                      8.5 mm 
    • Number of Tufts:                              213300 /m2
    • Tufting Gauge:                                   1/12″ 
    • Primary Backing:                             Non-Woven 
    • Secondary Backing:                         StableShield-100% Vinyl 
    • Tile Size:                                               50X50 cm 
    • Pile Treatment:                                 INVISTA Anti-Soil(Available)
    • Recommended Installation:        Quarter Turn,Brick,Ashlar or Herringbone

                            PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS

      • VOC (Green Label Plus):         <0.5 mg/m²/hour
      • Flammability (Pill Test):          Pass 8/8
      • Reaction to Fire:                          Dfl – s1
      • Static Propensity:                        0.2 kV
      • Color Fastness :                            5/5 on Grey Scale
      • Thermal Resistance:                  .04m² K/W
      • Impact Sound Insulation:       ∆Lw 23dB
      • Sound Absorption Value:        αw: 0.15(H)
      • Soiling Propensity:               

      • Dimensional Stability:            < 0.20%
      • Castor Chair Test:                      R ≥ 2.4
  • Divine Global Carpet Tiles-Midland Specification are Subject to ± 5% variation
  • Divine Global Carpet Tiles-Midland Shading or Pile reversal is nature of cut pile carpet and it is not a manufacturing defect
  • Color may slightly vary from one dye lot to another dye lot

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