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The competency of the product reflects in the name. Beautiful polyester, nylon, viscose velvets gives a stupendous heavenly feel to make you feel splendid on your furnishings. These multi use Fabrics for Upholstery and Curtains  help you get astonishing coordination to enhance the elegance of your place. Soft, airy and elastic, Our Fabrics can be created of various threads, such as wool or cotton, including metallized fibres and sequins. Upholstery and Curtains fibres are available in flawless finish standards and these can be offered in exclusive prints as well as finish styles that make them provide rich aesthetics to the interiors. Fabric texture can be soft or crisp, smooth or nubby, and dull or glossy. Each texture makes a different impression . Fabric Pattern decorations  are made by color, lines, shape and spaces, we offer these in different sizes to choose from. Plush and Luxurious feel of the Fabrics is also complemented with a graceful drape and affordable price range provides true value for money. Divine Global supplies a Range of Fabric which Includes- Heritage, Club Classic, Baleno etc. Moreover a simple dry clean can make the Upholstery and Curtains fresh as new.

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