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Divine Products are engineered for use in various places be it Residential or Commercial.
Therefore, a nice presentation for a consumer is necessary to generate sales and for that purpose we have categorized our tools in different options for our business associates and retail clients as well.


Divine fabrics are categorized in two variants – Lifestyle (for Leatherite Products) and Plush Life (for Velvet Products), hence for their elegant presentations – we have designed Hanger Water Falls, Books & Folders


Check in the picture – it is an elegant way for presentation at a Retail Outlet, where walk in clients wants to touch & feel of the fabric along with small mock-up.

Hangers help in presenting complete color range also at one go to the consumer and helps in deciding the product in quick and easy way.

In one Hanger Waterfall one design with complete color range is presented.

All SKU’s are marked with detailed information and a helping sales tool.


Check in the picture – books are efficient tool for business managers/sales representatives while dealing with distant and project clients.
Books present a group of design in one collection along with all colors and easy way for a project manager/co-coordinator.
All SKU’s are marked with detailed information and a helping sales tool.
Book size varies according to collection and SKU preparation.


Check in the picture – a helpful tool for Furniture Manufacturers & Interiors which brings them complete collection of fabrics in this mini tool for dealing with their clients.

Wall to Wall Carpets

Divine has wide range of Wall to Wall Carpets from Solid cut or loop to Broadloom Wilton Jacquard patterns to serve the Commercial & Hospitality sector. In order to present complete range of products in our Dealer network – we offer below tools;

Carpet Stand

Check the Picture – This unique – self guiding tool for walk in clients – providing them comprehensive look, feel and details of the product at a glance and helps in quick decision making.


Divine has 2 collections in rugs Elysian (Imported Machine Rugs) and Celestial (Indian Tufted rugs). We present our rugs to clients in the form of Catalogs and mini sample swatches for referring quality and feel.

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